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Your Guide to Navigating the College Admissions Process

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The Issue

Out-of-state tuition and fees at public national universities have risen 141% from 2003 to 2021

In 2022 the average tuition difference between out-of-state public universities and in-state public universities was $12,530.

The average public university student borrows $32,880 to obtain a bachelors degree.

As of 2022, 42.8 million Americans have federal student debt loans, of which 9.7 million have debt in the $20,000 to 40,000 range.

The difference in cost between in-state tuition and out-of-state tuition limits students options for college.


We’re Here For You

Upguidr understands the issue of how stressful choosing a college is.


Upguidr has conducted the research to help you make college more affordable and make your admissions process less stressful.


We have found the most useful waivers that colleges are implementing to help lower the cost for college.


Everything we have found is up-to-date and can be used to help you today.


We are here for you and only offer the correct and most reliable information.

Learn some ways of paying for college effectively!


General Tips

We understand how stressed you already are. Here are some general tips to get the ball rolling in your college search.
Do Research of Your Own

When looking into a college find out anything you can about how you can save money.

Talk to your Parents

Discover your financial situation. Find out how much money your parents are willing to put forth.

Research Scholarships

Keep yourself in the loop. Find out what scholarships your high school or community are offering.

Apply Early-Action

Applying early action gives you a way better shot at receiving money from the college.


Popular Waivers Offered

Many colleges are seeing a decline in out-of-state students attending their universities. Here are some of the popular tuition waivers that universities are starting to implement.

Border-State Tuition Waiver

What it is: A method by which universities allow students from neighboring states to be eligible for in-state tuition

Well-known Colleges that Offer this Waiver:

Augusta University

Savannah State University

University of Minnesota

University of North Dakota

Merit-Based Tuition Waiver

What it is: A method by which universities allow students to be eligible for in-state tuition if they meet a certain requirement. This requirement might b a certain ACT score or having received above a certain amount of tuition money.

Well-known Colleges that Offer this Waiver:

University of Houston: If you are awarded $1,000 or more dollars from the university, you qualify for in-state tuition

Texas A&M University- The same as the University of Houston, but you have to receive $4,000 or more.

Florida State University- A scholarship that every out-of-state applicant is in the running for. A certain amount of freshman are awarded this scholarship each year.

Buy-One-Get-One Waiver

What it is: For every STEM course that a student is enrolled in, that student is entitled to a free course in another STEM course.

Well-known Colleges that offer this waiver:

Florida State University

University of South Florida

Grandparent Waiver

What it is: If a student has a grandparent who lives in the state of the university, that student is entitled to pay in-state tuition.

Well-known Colleges that offer this waiver:

Florida Atlantic University

Florida State University

University of South Florida

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